Milwaukee's Boudoir and Branding Queen: Chrissy of Chrissy Rose Photography

"I invite women to let down their guard for just a little bit and embrace themselves and their story. No judgement. No limits. No pressure."

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One Sunday per month we highlight a woman in business or in our community who INSPIRES us and others! And this month, we are shining the spotlight on Milwaukee's boudoir and branding queen, Chrissy Kruger-Gruendyke of Chrissy Rose Photography!

Chrissy's specialty is Female Empowerment Photography. Did you even know there was such a thing?! There sure is - and Chrissy is leading the way in this specifically curated industry with her passion for photographing women of all shapes, sizes and ages and making them feel beautiful and strong. 

We are inspired by Chrissy because her road to success wasn't an easy one - something that many of us women can deeply connect with. 

We caught up with Chrissy to get the scoop behind her business, her life and her passions:

What inspired you to start your own business?

CRP:  I have been taking photos my whole life, but in 2008, my life completely changed. I had a baby, moved to the Midwest from Florida and left my previous career in public relations behind. As terrifying as all that was, I chose to see it as a tremendous and blessed opportunity to find my best self and design a life that I could love. And that became my inspiration to start my own business and become a professional photographer in 2010. 

What do you want women to experience while having their photo taken by you?

CRP: I want women to feel empowered and strong before, during and after a photo shoot with me. For a boudoir photo shoot, I want women to reclaim and appreciate their bodies, confidence and magnetism.

For personal branding photo shoots, I help women define their brand and polish their online presence to elevate their company and potential. It is all about a woman's needs, desires and love for herself.


How have you used your business/platform to inspire other women?

CRP: On a very personal, one-on-one level, I invite women to let down their guards for just a little bit and embrace themselves and their story. No judgement. No limits. No pressure. I offer an experience that is designed for one person...her. And I believe that kind of reconnection with one self can make such a difference in a woman's life and the world around her.

What are some of your favorite brands and why? (photography, or personal interest)


  • 88.9 Radio Milwaukee: I have a deep love and appreciation for this organization that is very unique to our city. Not only do they play amazing music, but they show a more positive side of our community. It feeds my creative soul. And makes me proud to live here.

  • Athleta: I practically live in athletic-leisure wear these days. I also love that they use models that have varying body types, and their emphasis is on strength.

  • Paige Denim: they make my butt look good every darn time - ha!

  • Birds Tail Designs: Amazing design that is simple and effortless. (haha! thanks Chrissy!)

  • Beauty Counter: I strongly support the movement for safer beauty products.


How Has your business evolved over the years: 

CRP: Just last year I made another huge and scary decision about my business. Previously, I photographed weddings; a market that was clearly defined and accessible and therefore easier to land bookings. It made for a great start to my business, but I never intended for it to take over my business. I was honored to photograph many happy couples over the years and I was determined and passionate about being a wedding photographer at the time. But my passion changed and I eventually burned out. It was a tough and emotional realization that felt a lot like failure. I know now that I did not fail — I simply got off track. So I course corrected, and in 2018 Chrissy Rose Photography was established as a premier photography studio providing empowering experiences through photography for powerful women.


Who is another female who has inspired your business and why?


  • My business coach, Christa Meola. For inviting me into her coaching collective and helping me make the changes necessary for my business and for me to thrive again.

  • Leadership coach and dear friend, Sabrina Collins for always asking me “why not?” or “how do you want to show up in this moment?”.

  • Motivational and business gurus like Brene Brown for every book she has ever written.

  • Marie Forleo for teaching that my gifts are valuable.

  • and Beyoncé for being, well Beyoncé.


Do you have any words of wisdom for those interested in getting into the photography industry and/or those interested in starting their own business?

CRP: Go for it. If it is your passion then find a way to make it yours, make it work and make it meaningful. It will be worth it.



Branding forBoss Babes...

Thank you, Chrissy for being so open and vulnerable with us! 

If you are looking for an empowering experience whether it be a confidence boosting boudoir photo session or you just need some kick-ass pics for your business, Chrissy is your girl. Go check out her amazing new website and get on your path to feeling EMPOWERED!


If you have a story to share, let's connect!

Photo Credits: Chrissy Rose Photography