Birds Tail Designs+Handmade Jewelry+Care Instructions+Jewelry Care


Please treat your pieces gently! Every care is taken to ensure the strongest materials are used in each Bird's Tail piece, but pieces may not withstand some situations - i.e., dishwasher, garbage disposal, washing machine and vacuuming mishaps, being used as a doggie chew toy or baby's teething object, bear or moose get the picture! Also, keep your jewelry away from cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and cleaning products that are responsible for oxidizing and damaging metals.



Take off your Bird's Tail jewelry when you hit the shower or the pool. Take off your jewelry during any activities that cause you to get really SWEATY!  And - absolutely no fighting while wearing Bird’s Tail - this completely goes against our mission.



Store each Bird's Tail piece separately in small, air-tight, sealed baggies to prevent scratching, tangling, and tarnishing (most tarnishing is caused by oxidation due to environmental exposure).



Clean jewelry with a soft, dry cloth or a designated jewelry polishing cloth. Don’t try the toothpaste trick - we don’t recommend it (except for your teeth of course)!