This Fall is All About the Person Behind the Fashion: The Top Four Jewelry Trends

“Fashion has become more about the person behind the clothes and accessories. it's a way to show the world, I am hear and I am comfortable with who I am."


Women's fashion for 2018 more accurately reflects the message that we are hearing around the world - the message that a woman can't and won't be defined by one role, one style or by what society says she should be.

Fashion for this fall and winter season has become more about the person behind the clothes and accessories - it's a way to show the world, I am hear, I am comfortable with who I am. It's all about being a strong, independent woman!

Here is a round-up of our four favorite jewelry trends for the coming seasons - all inspired by empowering the woman behind the jewelry. 



Our Four Favorite Jewelry Trends:


1. The new LBD: Oxidized Silver...

Black never goes out of style - it's classic; its sexy, it's easy to wear. And now you can have that same look and feel in your metal choices - it's called Oxidized Sterling Silver, and we are loving this trend! This blackened effect is achieved by heat treating sterling silver. The result is amazing - and it's the perfect solution for the tarnishing that sterling silver can have over time. Oxidized pieces won't tarnish! We love pairing our oxidized sterling silver pieces with yellow gold and bright sterling silver - that way you can wear all of your metals together!

For the woman who doesn't have a lot of time to think too much about how to pair her jewelry,  it doesn't get more versatile than this.


2. A clean, Modern Twist on pearls...

From classic pearl studs to dainty pearl pendants, pearls have always been a traditional choice. But now it's all about taking the classic pearl and putting a modern twist on it. We've combined the softness of pearls and set them alongside metals with strong, angular, clean lines.

Women are a juxtaposition of these hard and soft characteristics, and now her jewelry can reflect that too!


3. Bold, Bright Gemstones...

Deep shades of blue, green, purple and orange gemstones were lighting up the fashion runways this fall. These colors are fun and jovial and can brighten up any look or mood. 

Much like the women who wear them, these colorful gemstones are powerful, beautiful and awe-inspiring.


4. Make a Statement...

Making a statement this fall isn't so much about the chunkiness of your jewelry - but more about what statement your jewelry makes about you. Whether you're into large, statement hoop earrings, tassel necklaces, mismatched studs or layering delicate chains, your look can can reflect your changing moods and personalties - and that's the statement of the season!


Whichever look is right for you this fall, wear it proudly, wear it with confidence and never doubt your inner strength and beauty. 


With gratitude each and every day,