In Our Spotlight: Suzy Weyenberg, Owner of Empower Yoga

"I want people to learn tools to help them in their everyday lives, not just learn to do poses.”


One Sunday per month, we highlight a female in our community who INSPIRES us and others. This month, we are shining the spotlight on Suzy Weinberg, the owner of Empower Yoga of Appleton, Whitefish Bay….and now, Milwaukee’s Third Ward in Wisconsin!

Suzy has been teaching yoga for 15 years now and started Empower almost nine years ago with the goal of making yoga accessible and affordable for everyone.

We are inspired by Suzy because, number one, she is hilarious (take one of her yoga classes and you will quickly learn that she loves a good, cheesy pun!) and, two, because she has this enlightened way about her that makes you want to be a better human.

Suzy opened up to us about her philosophy on yoga, her inspirations and her hopes for Empower Yoga:

What inspired you to open your own yoga studio?

SW:  I wanted to make yoga affordable and create a warm and welcoming space for everyone to practice.  When we opened nine years ago, the average price of a yoga class nationally was $15—now its $20.  Offering classes at $8 and monthly unlimited passes for $55, makes yoga possible for so many more. 

How did you decide on the name, Empower?

SW: It was so long ago, and I think it named itself!  The name just came to me, and it fit so well since we are a power yoga studio and that is exactly what yoga practice did for me personally: it empowered me; it changed my life.



Empower MKE ;

What do you want people to gain from practicing at Empower?

SW: To feel welcomed and to feel a sense of community when they walk in the door.  I want people to learn tools to help them in their everyday lives, not just learn to do poses.  When we feel our best, we are better at living our lives — better with our kids, our relationships, our work; we are more generous and more productive.

Do you have any words of wisdom for those who might be interested in yoga but are holding back for whatever reason?

SW: Let go of all your expectations and don’t worry if you don’t know the poses or are not flexible. It is called yoga practice, not yoga perfect.  You will feel better after your first class and after 3-5 classes, you will be amazed at how great you feel!


New MKE Third Ward Location -

Opens October 6th!

How have you used your business/platform to inspire other women?

SW: I hope I have inspired other women through Empower.  I try my best to speak truthfully about struggles I have been through in my life and how yoga practice has helped and healed me.  

I truly believe yoga helps us to be our best selves and to tune into out truth. Our society is constantly bombarding us with messages on how women should look, how much we should weigh, what our homes should look like, how we should eat, and on and on.  It is inspiring to rebel against the messaging and to honor our uniqueness and our own Truth. 

anything else that we should know about you?

SW: There is a lot more, so come to take a class at Empower and find out!

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Photo Credits: 414 Photography and Empower Yoga