Meet Jessica Bell: Mom, Entrepreneur, Inventor of Halo Vino

" I wanted to enjoy my wine, no matter where I went, even if glass was not an option"


If you have been following along with us on social media, then you know about our Spotlight Sunday series when one Sunday per month we highlight a woman in business or in our community who INSPIRES us and others! 

And this month, we caught up with the the busy mom of two, former Wine School Owner and Sommelier and, most recently, the creator of Halo Vino: Jessica Bell.

A natural inventor, Jessica began Halo Vino about two years ago because she saw a need for a new way to experience wine when using a glass is not an option.  She began researching, planning, and developing her idea, looking for a way to create a non-glass glass with a shape that mimics a traditional wine glass. And that's when she came up with the idea that putting a "halo" on the cup would allow you to not only hold the cup without heating up the wine (thus changing the flavor), but would also trap the aromas and tastes of the wine just like a traditional wine glass - hence the name, HaloVino. 

In chatting with Jessica, one of the aspects of her and her invention, that we were most impressed was her company's commitment to the environment. Jessica told us that one of the features of the cups that she is most passionate about is that HaloVino is eco-friendly: "we are the only unbreakable wine glass under $2 that is completely dishwasher safe," she shared. In fact Jessica and her team are  rolling out a pilot program to incentivize customers to bring their own HaloVino to outdoor events and reuse them overtime. They expect to see a HUGE savings in single-use plastic waste hitting our landfills and oceans. How cool is that?!

Finally, we asked Jessica if she had any  words of wisdom for those who have an idea for a new invention or product and she shared: "Everyone else may think your crazy, but lead with your heart and gut...

Don't mistake doubt with fear that you can't or won't do what you set out to do.

Finally, NEVER make important decisions when you are tired," she added!

Thank you, Jessica for sharing your story - and thank YOU to all of you for following along! We truly love sharing the inspirational stories of other women in hopes to inspire you!

You can find HaloVino in several locations across the US and on their website,

And the next time you are enjoying a little vino in your Halo, feel free to tag them and encourage the movement of creating a safer environment by reusing and recycling with #BYOHV


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