Yin and Yang Tassel Necklace

Yin and Yang Tassel Necklace


The Bird's Tail Yin and Yang Tassel Necklace was designed with the intent to help its wearer achieve harmonic balance between opposing forces, to turn contrary forces into complimentary constructs. Every day has night, every moon a sun, every winter a summer. 

- Tibetan Striped Agate: protection, strength, harmony

- Length:  approximately 46" in length (typically hits at the belly button)

- genuine leather tassel (if you are looking for a vegan option - please contact us directly)

- Packaged in a bird's tail linen carrying bag

- Each necklace is uniquely handmade (no two will ever be exactly the same) 

- Please allow approximately three weeks for delivery as each tassel necklace is handmade in our studio.

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