The Traveler's Essential Oil Bracelet

The Traveler's Essential Oil Bracelet


We have teamed up with the Family Backpack to bring you The Traveler’s Essential Oil Bracelet, made of beautiful, multicolored Moonstone. 

Moonstone is known as the traveler's stone and is said to guide travelers by the light of the moon. But it isn't just about physical travel; Moonstone is also said to illuminate the dark pathways in life. The stone possesses an uplifting energy of hope and has long been worn by travelers as a talisman of protection and guidance.

We hope that The Traveler's Essential Oil Bracelet and the Family Backpack both inspire you to explore new places and head off the beaten path.

  • Each bracelet comes with a 1 ml vile of certified therapeutic grade essential oil. Options include: Wild Orange, Lavender or Balance. 

  • Each bracelet is packaged in a Bird's Tail linen diffuser bag

  • Stones may vary in size and color as they are naturally occurring elements; each bracelet is uniquely handmade (no two will be exactly the same).

  • Please allow up to two weeks for delivery as each bracelet is handmade in our studio; if your order is needed sooner, please indicate so in your order notes, and we will try our best to accommodate your timeline. Extra shipping charges may apply.

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