Gift of a Mermaid: Keshi Pearl Chandeliers

Gift of a Mermaid: Keshi Pearl Chandeliers

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Keshi pearls are said to be “gifts of the mermaids”. These beautiful pearls are rare finds. Not found in large quantities, Keshis are the closet to a natural seawater pearl that can humans can get their hands on! Keshi pearls are formed when an irritant makes its way inside an oyster, and the oyster in turn forms a nucleus around the irritant. The result - a beautiful, lustrous Keshi Pearl!

  • 18k yellow OR rose gold fill OR sterling silver

  • Packaged in a Bird's Tail gift box

  • Each piece is uniquely handmade (no two will ever be exactly the same); pearls will vary in shape, size and color.

  • Please allow at least two weeks for delivery as each piece is custom made in our studio.

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