Spotlight Sunday: Meet Megan - One of Our Very Own!

"I was always that kid who wanted a beading kit for my birthday and Christmas. I loved organizing and color coding my beads!"

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If you have been following along with us on social media, then you may have heard of our series Spotlight Sunday. One Sunday per month we highlight a woman in business or in our community who INSPIRES us and others! 

And, this week, we are spotlighting Bird’s Tail Designs' very own Megan Jones! Megan is the Bird's Tail Brand Manager and Social Media Guru.

Megan lives just outside of Lake Geneva with her sweet husband, Chris (who loves to spoil her;), and her adorable fur baby, Spotted Cow. 

Each week, Megan makes the hour-long drive from Lake Geneva to our Bird’s Tail Studio at least two times and then works from home the other days of the week. Talk about commitment, right?!

Megan has a background in jewelry making and fashion and started working for Bird’s Tail over a year and a half ago with the thought that she would help make jewelry, so we could keep up with orders and continue to grow the brand; however,  her position has grown and changed quite a bit in just the last year.

Megan  Bird's Tail Pop Up

Boxed and Burlap Bridal Show - 2018

The number of roles this little lady fulfills is pretty amazing; they include hand-making jewelry, sales, running and organizing pop-up events, taking beautiful photos for our social media accounts and organizing all things Bird’s Tail!

When I asked Megan where her love for jewelry and fashion came from, she shared, "I was always that kid who wanted a beading kit for birthdays and Christmas. I loved organizing and color coding my beads. I loved making something (that I thought was) cute. Then in middle school, my aunt started a handmade jewelry business, and I LOVED helping her whenever she would let me."

Not only does she have a passion for creating jewelry and working with her hands, Megan is obsessed with fashion. You can really see her passion come through in her pictures, in her ideas and contributions to the brand and her everyday style. Megan told us, "Fashion has been something I have loved from the day I could pick out my own outfits... 

And jewelry is just another way to create an awesome outfit that is different from anyone else."

Bird's Tail wouldn’t be where it is without Megan. I am truly grateful to her for all of her hard work and dedication. She is one committed, trustworthy and hard-working, little lady! 

If you have a story that you want to share, and would like to be featured in our Spotlight Sunday Series, let us know!

Photo Credit:  Sonya Kammes Photography