feel fabulous friday - gratitude takes practice

This Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful for so much: my family, health (most of the time),  friends, passions, a warm house, good food  - does this mean that everything in my life is going perfectly?  Far from it.  But - I see an even stronger need to be grateful  for the positive in my life when times are tough. 

It is by no means easy to be grateful. Gratitude takes practice. It is hard not to dwell on the missing pieces or negative aspects in life. We have to make a mental connection and commitment to feel grateful. I find that I need tangible steps to help me practice gratitude. Here are a few steps that you may think about taking this holiday season:

1. Notice - look around at your surroundings: whether it is the beauty of nature or the smile of a child, there is much joy all around us. Take some time to really look around at your life - you will notice that there are many truly wonderful aspects. 

2. Reflect - even if we notice the beauty around us, it's really not enough. We must reflect on that beauty - what does it mean? What's really important in life? Don't just notice - take it all in and don't forget about it. Remind yourself over and over again of the beauty in your life.

3. Share - whether to yourself in writing, with a friend or family member - share the beauty. Positive attitudes are infectious. Simply saying something aloud or writing it down can make the thought or idea become reality.

Gratitude take practice. Take some time this holiday season to practice gratitude. Notice the beauty. Reflect on your life. Share the good thoughts with others. It's not always easy, but it's worth doing. After all, gratitude is happiness. 

Have a wonderful holiday weekend, everyone!


Sweatshirt - Mystree terry slouch hoody - EverEve; Jeans - Joe's skinny ankle (Bridget); boots - Frye Carson Wedge Bootie (big splurge for me, but I LOVE these boots - I blame it on the peer pressure of a girl's trip to Chicago;) Love you girls!; Necklace - bird's tail freedom wings necklace.

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