bird's tail jewelry

modern. meaningful. minimalist.



founder & creative director

Wife to a wonderful husband and mother to three beautiful girls, jewelry designer and founder of bird's tail designs, Kristin Burkemper finds true purpose. Her days are filled with taking care of her three beautiful girls, practicing and teaching yoga, designing and creating feminine, meaningful jewelry and building the brand that has become bird's tail designs. 

When asked why she decided to pursue a career in jewelry design, Kristin explains: "I worked in a high-end jewelry store and never could afford the pieces that I was selling. I saw a need there - a need for a jewelry line that looks and feels expensive, but doesn't cost a small fortune - this is why I decided to design, make and sell my own pieces. I want women to be able to afford beautiful, high quality jewelry, and most of all, I want them to feel beautiful wearing it." 







design inspiration

Each bird's tail piece is handcrafted with the goal of making women feel beautiful and empowered. Meaningful, feminine, symbolic and powerful, the bird's tail designs incorporate semi-precious stones and 18k gold fill and sterling silver metals. Each piece of jewelry reflects a love and passion for sacred symbols, nature and geometry. 



behind the name

As an active yogi, Kristin is always looking to her practice for style and design inspiration. Bird’s Tail Designs is inspired by a graceful and elegant Tai Chi move called “Grasping the Bird’s Tail”. 

The name of this movement, “Grasping the Bird’s Tail,” is derived from a Chinese expression which refers to paying attention to important details. In the case of Tai Chi, the practitioner pays attention to core energetic and structural elements of his or her practice. Each small movement has purpose.  

Like the move, Kristin's goal in her designs is to pay attention to the little details of each piece she creates; every move or design has purpose. The bird's tail signature hoops are inspired by this beautiful asana - the shape mimicking the delicate and graceful shape of a bird's tail.