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Whitefish Bay, WI


Signature Bird's Tail Hoops - the organic shape of these earrings is inspired by the shape of the bird's tail. In Tai Chi, the grasping of the bird's tail is an elegant posture that when translated means paying attention to the details or the little things in life. These handcrafted hoops come in sterling silver or 18k gold fill - easy to wear, light, airy, feminine.  To order any of these earrings, please contact Custom orders are welcome. 

Healing Stones Collection - Our world is blessed with natural wonders:  stones, rocks and crystals that have been used for thousands of years as medicinal healers. Stones made from the Earth have grounding and protective qualities; they help the wearer gain mental insight, cultivate abundance, love, and gratitude, and keep the heart full and open. These pieces were designed to give the wearer insight, peace, love and protection.